By submitting a photograph, you confirm that you are the photographer and agree that it may be displayed on the Milestone Society Repository in the Google Earth files, Excel spreadsheets and search results as a thumbnail (low resolution image); as such, it may be used by third parties for their personal research and information but not for commercial purposes. Any such use will attribute 'The Milestone Society'.

Please complete the following form with the requested information. Then select the Submit button.

Items that must be provided are marked with a red asterisk.

Please provide a full close up view in portrait orientation, unless the milestone or waymarker shape is more suited to landscape orientation.

Example photographs are as follows:




Photograph files should be JPG format and preferably be less than 400 KBytes in size to keep overall repository storage requirements within reasonable limits.

Details of programs for reducing photograph file sizes are available by clicking here or via the menu option Reduce Photograph Size under the Resources main menu option.



For new features not currently registered, please also supply the following information: