The next release of Google Earth map and spreadsheet files is in preparation and we hope to make it available mid March.

In addition to some 300 more repository photographs and almost a 1,000 more hyperlinks to other photographic sites, we are introducing provision for a second hyperlink to a different photographic site. The Images of England web site is our preferred source for external photographs. However, we are aware that good quality or more up to date photographs can be available on other photographic sites and a second hyperlink will be included in the information window in such cases.

The next release will also have the capability to make uploaded photographs immediately available for viewing in Google Earth once verified. Currently a new release is required for new photographs to be viewed.

The release will cover the almost 10,000 milestones currently registered in England, with over 3,000 repository photographs, almost 5,000 prime hyperlinks and almost 1,000 secondary hyperlinks.

This still leaves almost 4,000 milestones without a repository photograph or hyperlink to an external photograph. We have made considerable progress but there is still some way to go to achieve our aim of a on-line photographic record for every milestone in the national database.